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I founded TDHI in 2010, after having worked in the field of marketing intelligence for approximately 7 years both at client and agency side. One the first actions I took was to get myself up-to-speed in the area of online marketing. In my experience I had noticed that the (often internal oriented) data analysts and the online marketeers were hardly communicating let alone collaborating. So, in the first 3 years I worked in different freelance interim analysis roles while learning and training in online marketing.

In 2014 I made the deliberate switch to stop working full time on interim jobs and start working smaller projects. Usually about 2 – 4 simultaneously, depending on the workload. The projects increased and this resulted in the next step in my data career: working together with colleague freelancers and data specialist. This resulted in a successful new tradename: i-spark.  Since the beginning of 2019, i-spark is now it’s own legal entity of which TDHI is one of the shareholders and directors.

After all these years the tagline of TDHI still holds: from information via integration of that information to intelligence.


i-spark | your data into action

i-spark is a small data company from Zevenhuizen, Groningen. With 5 full time employees we are a one stop shop for e-commerce companies and digital agencies who have a business problem that might be solved with data.

We combine the following 3 important and related area’s of data:

  • data strategy and architecture
  • implementation of web analytics and reporting tools
  • data analysis and data strategy

We have very broad experience (ask us!) in data in general and in e-commerce specifically. We combine behavioural (prospecting) customer data with operational customer and transaction data to give you an integrated view over your customers and company. Often this requires some extra implementation steps to make sure the linking pins (customer and/or transaction ids) are in all necessary data sources.

If you’d like my help for your data project, I’m very happy to discuss options in the capacity of partner at i-spark. Feel free to email me at tamara at i-spark.nl.



Several longer freelance data analysis projects, a.o. Beter Horen, Achmea, Unigarant

Data science track Johns Hopkins (Coursera)


Completed the data science track from Johns Hopkins, through Coursera. First introduction to R.



One of the first NL-partners of the dashboarding tool Klipfolio. Also, collaboration with Clear Value



Work through tradename i-spark, and started working with colleagues rather than alone as a freelancer.



Moved offices to permanent location: Oostindischewijk 1b in Zevenhuizen Groningen

What can TDHI do for you?

Sparring partner

Regularly I meet or phone with people who are contemplating to make a career change towards data intelligence, data analysis or data science. If you would like to talk to me as a sparring partner, please send me an email or text and we’ll set something up!

Data projects

All data projects are delivered through i-spark.nl

We’re happy to help you with all questions relating data strategy, architecture, implementation of web analytics and dashboarding tools as well as data analysis and data science questions.


I’m a strong believer that the current education system in the Netherlands needs to include computer science and algorithm thinking more in the curriculum. Especially in the primary schools and high schools. Though I have no experience as a teacher, this topic really interests and also concerns me. So if you would like to discuss something or ask me something, please feel free to do so.


Data analysis tools usage


Web analytics tools implementation

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Snowplow Analytics

Dashboarding implementation

Power BI

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